Commonly Asked Questions

Do I actually own part of a racehorse?  No, the horse will be owned by Canterbury Park and the Racing Club.  You will be sponsoring a horse and engage with it and experience all the elements of racehorse ownership without any financial downside risk.

Can I bring friends and family with me?  Yes, you are encouraged to share this experience and that is why we have included additional passes as part of your membership.  Guests will also be invited to special events as well, but exclusive areas like the stable area, paddock and winners circle are reserved for those in the club.

What charities will benefit from my membership?  We have selected three different charities to work with in 2020.  Their information can be found on the homepage and links are provided below.

Can I win money if our sponsored horse wins?  Only if you wager on it.  All net purse money will go to the associated charity, so root them on for the cause and hopefully because you have made a nice wager on your sponsored horse.

Will I have to pay any additional money if the horse doesn’t win?  No.  Your membership covers the purchase price of the horse and all training costs.

How many people are expected to be in the club?  Each group will consist of 150 people.  We expect to have more than one group by the start of the racing season at Canterbury.

When does my membership expire?  The membership will expire at the end of the racing season in September, 2020.

How old do members need to be?  Memberships are available to persons of all ages.  You must be 18 to enter the paddock area unaccompanied by an adult though.

Do I have to get licensed to be an owner?  No you do not.  In the State of Minnesota, only people owning more that 5% of a racehorse need to get licensed.

If I give a membership as a gift and they don’t want it, is it refundable or transferable?  Memberships are transferable anytime up to the beginning of the 2020 race season.

Are there any racing dates I cannot use my season’s admission pass? No.  You pass is good for all live racing days at Canterbury in 2020.

How do I know what horse we get to sponsor?  We will send you a welcome kit and also a message as soon as the horse is purchased along with photos and some background on the horse.